e-finity Mobile Solutions

Fast, Accurate field inspecions on your inspector's tablet!

Field Data Collection

e-finity provides a variety of solutions to enhance your mobile electronic data collection.

You may need to equip an entire fleet with mobile data collection ability, GPS technology, and wireless connectivity. Or your means may be more modest and require less investment.

We can tailor a solution for your unique business and its needs.

Pre-Built Forms Library

Choose from our pre-built e-finity Forms Library for many NFPA standard inspection forms including NFPA10, NFPA25, NFPA72, NFPA80, Clean Agent, and Rangehood inspections. We also have many other data collection forms developed for specific industries.

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Office Console

e-finity Management Console - The brains of the operation. The console is where you will create Job Masters, Dispatch Jobs, and maintain your customers, technicians, forms. You will use the console to create, print, email and archive reports. Inspection job reports can include deficiencies, pictures and additional comments to document problems discovered during the inspection.

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The mobile application that synchronizes with the console. Field technicians conduct inspections or service calls and send the information back to the console. Paper forms are represented electronically on the handheld devices. Technicians can capture electronic customer signatures and pictures. Optional GPS units enhance the information collected.

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Fast Job Setup

For a smooth transition to e-finity, use the Job Item Importer to bring your existing inspection items into the database.

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3rd Party Integration

e-finity integrates with other major Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) such as:
  • SAP/PM
  • Asset Suite
  • Bluelight will work with your organization for your specific integration needs.
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