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Bluelight Software's mission is to deliver quality software solutions, superior training, and support services that exceed the expectations of our customers.


Bluelight Software's products and services for the Utilities sector provide the tools to manage inspection and maintenance departments more efficiently. By using mobile data collection tools for sub-station, manhole and electrical vault inspections, our customers have seen a total reduction in inspection costs of 30%. Solutions include:

  • e-finity Mobile Solutions
    For performing sub-station, electrical vaults or manhole inspections, without the need for paper! Collected data can be used for trending and historical reports as well as for tracking deficiencies until corrective action is taken.

    Use The SERVICE MANAGER to manage every aspect of your maintenance department. Take advantage of work order generation and tracking, customer management, scheduling, proposals, service and repair calls, invoicing, inventory, and accounts receivable. Integrate SERVICE MANAGER into your current PM system.